Alleviating poverty SDG summit

Collaboration Leads

Zachary Yong (The WEVOLVE Team), Charlene Yengue (Rising Hope Foundation)

QCT Thematic Area

Education & Employability

Operational Countries


United Kingdom

South Africa


SDG(s) Coverage

GOAL 1: No Poverty


Completed, it was a one-off collaboration. 

Project Description

Zachary Yong collaborated with Charlene Yengue in hosting a virtual SDG SUMMIT for African youths which ended with positive feedback testimonies from the Participants. The summit was targeted at Alleviating Poverty in African communities, helping young people scale their economies and address the Poverty crisis in their communities.

“This collaboration resulted in knowledge sharing that will positively impact our initiatives. We also formed cross-border friendships that have now widened the scope of our opportunities.”

Zachary Yong

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