Art for change

Collaboration Leads

Hassan Mujtaba Zaidi (Discovering New Artists), Sadia Jafrin (Grow Your Reader Foundation), Kierran Pearce (Multi Schools Council)

Participating QCT Members

Hassan Mujtaba Zaidi (Pakistan), Sadia Jafrin (Bangladesh), Kierran Pearce (UK)

QCT Thematic Area

Education and Employability, Inclusion

Operational Countries

Pakistan, Bangladesh, United Kingdom (UK) – Global

SDG(s) Coverage

SDG 3: Mental Health and Wellbeing
SDG 4: Quality Education
SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities


Growth & Expansion


Art for Change aims to further its one-for-one model through the collaboration with QCT members educating children about SDGs and provide them a chance to present innovative ideas and solutions creatively through their artworks. This collaboration does not only aims to empower students in Pakistan, Bangladesh and United Kingdom (UK) but also across the globe.

Project Description

DNA is successfully running its flagship project Art for Change from past 8 years and has created various partnerships with renowned institutions and individuals around the globe. Art for Change is a program that does not only reduce inequality, promote social values, but also mobilizes youth to educate children and youth about UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its themes based on SDGs every year. It gives every child a voice to curate and present possible solutions for real-world challenges at an international level. Art for Change is an annual call for the submission of artworks and follows a one-for-one model that also caters the economically disadvantaged children and youth and this model has been recognized through multiple national and international awards and fellowships.


Please reach out to us at to get involved.