Connecting our worlds through cultures

Collaboration Leads

Portia Dery (African Youth Writers Organisation), Sadia Jafrin (Grow Your Reader Foundation)

Participating QCT Members

Portia Dety (Ghana), Sadia Jafrin (Bangladesh)

QCT Thematic Area

Education and Employability, Inclusion

Operational Countries

Bangladesh, Ghana

SDG(s) Coverage

SDG 4: Quality Education
SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities



Project Description

“Connecting Our Worlds Through Our Cultures” is a programme aimed for promoting intercultural dialogue among young people by sharing the cultures of countries via a cultural exchange program to create their own identity. Grow Your Reader Foundation (GYRF) from Bangladesh and African Youth Writers Organization (AYWO) from Ghana collaborated to ensure that children in Bangladesh and Ghana are be able to learn and unlearn about each other’s worlds; by challenging misconceptions and embracing diversity. The worldview of children and participants was enriched with new information and experiences at the end of this 6-week long programme. We promoted World unity and tolerance through this programme since we believe that we are being more resistant to accepting diversity rather than appreciating it day by day.


  • 22 children from GYRF after-school program at Jashore, Bangladesh, and 30 children from AYWO Ghana participated in the pilot programme.
  • The programme hopes to extend this from a pilot status towards early traction by engaging 5 other countries across the commonwealth to strengthen intercultural dialogue among young people.
  • Fostered a spirit of co-creation among the participating QCT organisation to pull together more organisations in the literacy space to collaborate, partner, and exchange ideas to better the reading skills of children in low-income areas and promote unity and tolerance.

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