Empowering young people in Cameroon and Nigeria through skills acquisition

Collaboration leads

This collaboration is between Yesika Aguilera (Co-Founder of Tespack, Founder of Clocky App, and QCT Network Leader and Thematic Lead), Charlene Kwemo Yengue (Founder of Rising Hope Foundation Cameroon), Melchizedek Victor (Founder of Young African Innovators’ Hub), and Madelle Kangha (Founder of JumpStart Academy).

QCT thematic area

This collaborative work covers the area of Education & Employability.

Operational countries

The focus is on Cameroon and Nigeria.   

Sustainable Development Goals covered

Goal 1: No poverty

Goal 4: Quality education

Project description

Our QCT Thematic Leads for Education and Employability, Charlene and Yesika, put a call out through the Network for young leaders who would be interested in collaborating. The team members formed for this collaboration all have similar project aims and objectives, so have decided to put the following pilot programme in place.

In order to develop the skills of young people in Africa, the team will establish a virtual digital platform based around entrepreneurship and skills acquisition. Their aim is to raise and empower people within communities in Cameroon and Nigeria by August 2024.

The programme will run for nine months, with approximately 20 students taking part. They will gain skills in CV writing, get opportunities to apply for work experience, and receive mentoring in creating a start-up. If the pilot goes well, the team hopes to be able to reach 100 young people through the programme in the following year.