Supporting environmental diversity in Pakistan through bird feeding

Collaboration leads

This Network collaboration is between Kashf Shah (Milkar Pakistan) and Anish Arif (FCCU).

QCT thematic area

Kashf and Anish’s collaborative work covers the area of the environment.

Operational countries

This collaboration focuses on Pakistan, specifically Lahore.

SDG(s) Coverage

Goal 2: Zero hunger

Goal 15: Life on land

Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals

Project description

Kashf Shah and Anish Arif – both prominent global leaders in QCT’s Pakistan’s Chapter – orchestrated a heartening initiative. Anish, who is Education Developer and Coordinator at the higher education institution FCCU, united forces with Kashf, Co-chair of QCT’s Pakistan Chapter. Together, they have undertaken the ambitious mission of installing 10,000 bird feeders across Lahore to support environmental diversity. The timing of this endeavour was particularly poignant, as it aligned with the sweltering summer months when soaring temperatures pose a significant threat to avian life. By providing a vital source of sustenance, these bird feeders have become essential lifelines.


This was a one-off project. Once the goal of installing 10,000 bird feeders has been achieved, the bird feeders will be maintained sustainably.

“Working together on this project is giving us personal satisfaction. We are grateful to the QCT Network for the networking opportunities that brought us together.”

Kashf Shah and Anish Arif

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The bird feeders that Kasha and Anish are installing to help feed the birds and promote environmental diversity in Lahore, Pakistan.