Flags of peace to mark 2023 Commonwealth Day celebrations

With ‘Forging a Sustainable and Peaceful Common Future’ as the theme for 2023, Commonwealth Day aims to unite 2.5 billion Commonwealth citizens in celebration of their shared values and principles, and in pursuit of a common future, centred on sustainability and peace.

To mark Commonwealth Day, young leaders who are members of the QCT Network raised specially designed Peace Flags in their Commonwealth countries. The intention to raise the flags on Commonwealth Day was part of efforts to promote 2023 as the Commonwealth Year of Peace and the Commonwealth Year of Youth across the family of nations.

The initiative was supported by the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, the Royal Commonwealth Society and Bruno Peek, Pageantmaster.

The Commonwealth Flags of Peace featured a white dove of peace in the bottom right-hand corner of the Commonwealth flag, symbolising the shared values and principles of the Commonwealth, including co-operation on economic and social development, diversity, respect, friendship, and the promotion of peace around the world.

Below are the reflections of some of the young leaders who participated in the Flags of Peace initiative to mark Commonwealth Day 2023.

 The theme for Commonwealth Day 2023, ‘Forging a sustainable and peaceful common future’, reminds us of our shared responsibility to create a better world for present and future generations. As future leaders, young people must be empowered and engaged to contribute to the global efforts towards achieving a more equitable, just, and common feature. By partnering with young people, we can create a brighter and more prosperous future for the Commonwealth.

Taibat Hussain from United Kingdom

Thank you for amplifying the voice of our nations by working on our behalf to promote peace and prosperity. Happy Commonwealth Day!

Jodie Dennie from St. Vincent and the Grenadines

As we face uncertain and troubling times ahead of us in both Europe and Asia, I am reminded that the core values of what the Commonwealth represent such as ‘the promotion of democracy, human rights, good governance, the rule of law, individual liberty, egalitarianism, free trade, multilateralism and world peace’ are even more relevant and important than ever. May the Commonwealth countries stand together as a beacon of hope and direction for humankind to strive to promote and preserve.

Qin Yunquan from Singapore

As we celebrate Commonwealth Day, let us renew our commitment to promoting and protecting the values that unite us. Let us work together to create a more peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world for all, particularly for the most vulnerable among us. At the Grow Your Reader Foundation, we believe in the power of education to transform lives and communities. We are proud to be a part of the Commonwealth family, and we look forward to continuing to work together to ensure that every child has access to quality education, no matter where they live.

Sadia Jafrin from Bangladesh

Forging a sustainable and peaceful common future. Peace is not the absence of conflict and unrest; it goes way beyond, peace and unity must be fostered within the homes, community, and the nation as a whole. By surrendering our weapons of war to authorities does not guarantee peace and stability but we humans must first work on our minds, behaviour, and attitudes by being tolerant and expressing love to one another for a sustainable and peaceful common future.

Lamzy Jarret from Sierra Leone

Breaking barriers despite borders, embracing our differences, we stand strong. We are the Commonwealth.

Nadir Mendoza from Belize

As a young leader and citizen of a country that is part of the commonwealth of nations, I feel honoured to be raising the flag of peace because I believe in peace in the world, non- discrimination, and equal opportunities for all.

Drucila Meireles from Mozambique.

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