Grow Your Reader Foundation (GYRF)- improving access to quality education for underserved children in Bangladesh

A section of the volunteer teachers that GYRF works with

About 14% of children aged between 5 and 16 in Bangladesh lack affordable access to quality education and are not enrolled to educational institutions. This negatively affects their opportunities for future success. 

Sadia Jafrin the founder of GYRF

A teacher by profession, Sadia Jafrin founded GYRF, to provide access to quality of education for children in Bangladesh. GYRF provides teacher training facilities and numerous library stations in different corners of Bangladesh, including mobile, street, and online libraries. GYRF also runs an after school program where students from public universities provide national curriculum based learning to underserved children. Additionally, GYRF has a specially designed curriculum and publications that they use to supplement the national curriculum.

A pupil reading storybooks published by GYRF to promote enhanced access to quality education.

So far, GYRF’s initiatives have positively impacted 50,000+ people in Bangladesh. Their “Wheels of Wisdom” initiative has reached over 8,500 children who borrowed 7,400 books and accessed 34,000 hours of internet learning; their “Book Garage” that has 19 street libraries where 4,500 children gained access to learning materials and educational content. GYRF also provides online access to learning materials through a learning channel on YouTube and an audiobook app “Shunboi”.

Children pose with books accessed through GYRF’s “Wheels of Wisdom” mobile libraries.

With QCT’s support, GYRF will scale-up existing projects to meet the growing demand for their services thus making greater educational and learning impact in their community. 

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