Tanzania Young Eco Protection (TAYEP) – pioneering clean water access, education, health and poverty reduction

Tanzania Young Eco Protection (TAYEP) is a youth-led organisation committed to pioneering solutions in clean water, sanitation, and climate challenges in schools to improve the quality of life in Tanzania. One of TAYEP’s projects focuses on the provision of clean water, education, health, and poverty reduction. The Organisation has designed, developed, and produced a low-cost environmentally friendly hand washing station powered by a foot pedal to easily dispense clean water and liquid soap in public schools in Tanzania.

This helps prevent the spread of respiratory and diarrheal infections, hence keeping students healthy and in school. TAYEP has been running this project for 2 years and has so far distributed 120 handwashing stations to 20 schools in Mwanza while impacting over 15,500 children and raising some income to support its operations. 

A pupil at Misungwi primary school tests out TAYEP’s foot powered hand washing station

TAYEP was founded by Dr Felix Richard Manyogote, a medical doctor by profession who is committed to pioneering solutions on water and climate challenges in schools and improving the quality of life for people in Tanzania.  

TAYEP is among 14 other Youth Ventures Programme (YVP) grant recipients selected to receive project funding and technical support from The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (QCT). Through the YVP, QCT’s funding support will go towards TAYEP’s goal of reducing waterborne related morbidity among school children hence increase their access to education. This will be through hand washing workshops and the bulk production and distribution of hand washing stations across public schools in Tanzania. 

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