QCT and Future Foundations partnership

The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust was proud to launch a new pilot programme in partnership with Future Foundations in March 2020. The programme, known as The QCT GSL Grant Award, offered semi-finalists from Future Foundations’ Global Social Leaders Competition, the chance to apply for small grants from QCT and further mentoring from Future Foundations. This was an incredible opportunity to support these teams in making their projects more sustainable, helping them to build further on the positive social impact they’re already having in their local communities and beyond.

QCT partnered with Future Foundations, to bring to life a joint pilot programme, The QCT GSL Grant Award.

Future Foundations’ (FF’s) mission is to inspire young people to achieve their full potential. FF’s vision is a society where all organisations are led by socially conscious people, with every young person making the transition into adulthood with the foundations they need for their future.

On partnering with QCT to deliver this programme, Future Foundations CEO Jonathan Harper said: “We are delighted to partner with The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust to support young people, to scale their Global Social Leaders projects and bring about change in their local communities across the Commonwealth. Together, we are championing the leaders of tomorrow, who will create a brighter and more sustainable world”.

Check out some of the initiatives that previous Global Social Leaders entrants are currently working on at their blogs page here.

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