BetterUp supports QCT young leaders

Young entrepreneurs supported by QCT have been given free access to world-leading coaching via global experts, BetterUp.

First published on the BetterUp blog and in a Q&A in Fast Company, former President of QCT and and now Chief Impact Officer of BetterUp, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex announced this charitable partnership as part of BetterUp’s initiative to join the global Pledge 1% movement, donating 1% of their coaching offer to wider communities, ensuring maximum impact, and benefitting the Young Leaders supported by QCT so that they are better prepared for the pressures of becoming a social entrepreneur.

This type of support is aimed at helping them build and strengthen their confidence, resilience, and mental fitness, so they can expand their work, have a better chance of their creative ideas becoming reality, and ultimately, help their organisations drive greater impact across the Commonwealth.

Chris Kelly, Chief Executive of QCT said of the partnership: “Working with BetterUp will make a massive difference for us. Too often young change-makers like those we support have no-one to turn to discuss the challenges they are facing. The demands on the leaders we support are huge, and we know maintaining good mental health is a major challenge for social entrepreneurs.

“This collaboration with BetterUp means QCT can add this to the package of support we offer our Young Leaders.

“We look forward to rolling this collaboration out to the QCT community over the course of the next year, as part of the QCT Platinum Jubilee Fund for Young Leaders.”

Reflection data from the first 30 Young Leaders taking up coaching opportunities through BetterUp have been wholly positive. Individuals have shown an average increase in self-awareness (+34%), emotional regulation (+39%), self-compassion (+23%), social connection (+21%), resilience (+13%) and rest (+43%).

Founder and Executive Director of QCT-funded rights organisation, The Justice Desk said:

“My experience with the Better Up coaching platform has been nothing less than life changing. The coaches are truly phenomenal humans who are working with us to become the best versions of ourselves, to learn, grow, and above all, harness our strengths to be better at our jobs. They challenge us, hold us accountable, and never TELL us what to do, but rather help us by exposing us to different methods, models, and ways of thinking. This has resulted in some real change and growth that has been inspired by our coaches, but ultimately driven by US, which is therefore more sustainable and likely to be maintained.

The 3 staff members who have signed up have all been completely blown away by how much we are learning and growing, and we often gather together after our individual sessions to share what we’ve learnt and reflect on our personal growth. This has pushed us to become better managers, supervisors, as well as better plan strategically for our organisation.”

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