QCT’s first Youth Assembly empowers Commonwealth young leaders

On July 26th, 2023, the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (QCT) hosted its first-ever QCT Youth Assembly (YGA) with the theme “Collaborating for Change.” The virtual event brought together QCT Network members from various regions of the Commonwealth who were committed to inspiring, engaging, connecting, and collaborating to make a positive impact.

During the assembly, the QCT Network team led attendees through various aspects of the QCT Network hub, with keynote speaker Helen Baxter, QCT’s Director of Operations and Finance, encouraging members to use the platform to collaborate and create a greater impact. 

Representatives from different chapters shared successful collaborations and experiences, while thematic breakout rooms tackled challenges faced by members and encouraged the exploration of potential pathways for enhanced connections and engagement. 

Participants actively engaged in the proceedings, offering feedback that resulted in the change of the event’s name from QCT Youth General Assembly to QCT Youth Assembly, reflecting the focus of building a cohesive movement driven by the passion and vision of QCT’s young leaders for a better future.

The event concluded with a question and answer session, and the announcement of the date for the next QCT Youth Assembly will be shared on the QCT Network hub to keep members informed about future opportunities to further their impactful initiatives. The inaugural QCT Youth General Assembly served as a dynamic platform that showcased the power of collaboration and reinforced the commitment of QCT and its network members to effect positive change within the Commonwealth and beyond. 

The QCT Youth Assembly will be held quarterly to continue building a movement for a better future led by QCT’s young leaders.

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