ALIKE – battling loneliness and isolation for cancer patients

Alike is an app that connects people affected by cancer for peer support and to combat the loneliness and isolation that is caused by the disease. Brad Gudger, a two-time cancer survivor, founded Alike in 2018. He wanted to find a way to use modern app technology to connect people affected by cancer. Since its launch, Alike has amassed a community of over 2,000 cancer patients and survivors. The app ensures that peer support is available any time, any place, and at any stage of cancer

Alike App connects people with cancer to prevent the loneliness and isolation that comes from battling the disease

In Brad’s words, “Living with cancer can be lonely. Speaking to others who have been there, done that, and worn the unflattering hospital gown makes all the difference. That’s what the Alike app is for.”

This app is the first of its kind and has already received an incredible response from the cancer community, the charity sector, and the wider public. Alike is working in partnership with Teenage Cancer Trust, Young Lives vs Cancer and Trekstock Cancer Support. Alike is also working closely with Macmillan Cancer Support and NHS England.

The app ensures that peer support is available any time, any place, and at any stage of cancer

Alike is among fourteen other Youth Ventures Programme (YVP) grant recipients who have received project funding support from The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (QCT). This funding support will facilitate further development of the Alike app to expand its filtering system which is a key aspect of its product roadmap. This requires experienced iOS and Android engineers. Currently, users can filter their community based on age range. Alike plans to implement a variety of filters including geolocation using location services, diagnosis, and interests. Alike wants to make it simple and accessible for everyone impacted by cancer to create a tailored support community – right in the palm of their hand.

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